Monday, February 13, 2012

Hiking: Update on what's been going on

I've been going through some personal hardship these past few weeks, and unfortunately I haven't been keeping up with this blog - nor have I been doing much hiking. This weekend, however, I hope to change all that. I'm back to work full time after nearly two months off (counting the move from Boston to Albuquerque and the initial job search and waiting game) and another five months of working only part time before that. So I'm starting to regain some of the sense of confidence I had before quitting the job I had in Miami last July. It's time to hit the trail!

I need to get back on track with these hiking merit badge requirements. I still need to plan and execute two 10-mile hikes as well as a 20 miler. The weather is still fairly cold here in Albuquerque, so routes for some of the longer loops are still snow covered and difficult to navigate without special equipment. Still, I'm thinking one hike that could be done sooner rather than later might include a 10-mile stretch of the Sandia Foothills.

This weekend, though, I have some work around the house that needs tending to, so I'll only get one day out on the trail, which will likely be a hike up to Rincon Ridge via the Piedra Lisa Trail or, if my friend Kristen is able to join me, the Three Gun Spring Trail heading up toward (but not all the way to) the southern peak.

I'll post more on this later, but I wanted to get this post in now so I don't leave this blog unattended for too long of a stretch. I'm still just as committed as ever to this project!